The 4 R strategy consists of



Realization of why certain changes takes place with context to the functioning of the mind.This 'R ' is conducted during the session so they are able to understand the chemical as well as biological changes taking place within their minds as well as others. this primes the mind and gets it in a position from a sufferer to an evaluator. 


Raising an anchor using mindfulness practice creates conditions in the mind to increase the flow of positive chemicals like serotonin and dopamine .These facilitate the mind to be more receptive to the changes desired by individuals or open to new concepts and ideas.This also creates conditions in the brain for deeper insights  which form an interesting gain in these sessions.

Rewiring the mind to analyse and adapt to newer ways of dealing with problematic and difficult situations .This part of the  session is conducted in a way that absolutely no tutoring and giving easy solution is done .The participants  are rather motivated and encouraged to come up with individual specific solution which is best suited for their understanding.The aim to avoid self conflict and self judgement in this part of the session.

Redefining is the final part of the session where the gains from the first three 'R' s are converted from the short memory to long memory.This not so easy task is achieved by creating anchors and the newer recently created pathways replace the older ones by repeated practice.The idea is to form it from an interesting sessions to a habit.