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Laws of neuroplasticity is the combined effort of various scientists and neurophysicians who have come up with the various principles which makes us understand how the brain works.These laws have been hypothetised,interpreted and made lucid to understand for general public.

The 4R strategy has been designed by Dr.Chirag Jain as a guide to tackle fixed rigid ideas and habits and help people to edit,repair and reload them


The brain and the mind has been a mystery since centuries.The more we know about the brain the more we find it difficult to understand its function.Humans since centuries have accepted the brain to be a rigid structure deteriorating with time.But recently due to the advances in imaging it is found that the brain is plastic in nature and can be rewired.This research has made it easier for us to understand the possible functions and how we can use it to inculcate new skills and get rid of nagging habits.Also the understanding of Quantum physics gave rise to a newer concept of Neurophysics which explains to us the effects of the surrounding on the functions of the mind and its relation to laws of nature.


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Laws of Neuroplasticity